Why having a Valid US Passport is Extremely Important

In simpler terms, the US Passport is a book or card that is issued by the US Department of State. You have to submit identification, information and other relevant documentation along with the appropriate paperwork to be issued a passport. A passport is one of the most important forms of identification for a person to possess as it allows the holder to present undeniable identification to travel abroad. This then allows a passport holder to be able to prove not only who they are, but what country they are legally from. If you are traveling to Mexico, Bermuda, the Caribbean Islands, or Canada, you may use the passport card. However this form of passport identification may only be used to cross international borders when traveling by land or sea only. Travel security measures have increased exponentially, thus making it virtually impossible to travel abroad without a valid passport. Passports are very important for identification, proof of citizenship and travel protection liberties.

A passport can be used as one of the most reliable forms of identification. A US passport is issued by the US Department of State and is virtually impossible to forge. This makes having a passport an undeniably valued form of identification.

Proof of Citizenship:
A passport is proof of citizenship. The application process for obtaining a US Passport is quite extensive thus making it nearly impossible to obtain one without being a citizen. Therefore, if you find yourself in a position where your citizenship is called into question, you will be able to show the governing authorities your passport which will eliminate further confusion regarding your citizenship status.

As a US citizen it is necessary to have a US passport when traveling abroad. A passport contains pages that are stamped each and every time you enter another country. These stamps contain the names of the countries in which you have traveled. Also check on immunization requirements as you may need to be inoculated before you can enter that country. A US Passport is a document that cannot be denied and proves that you are a US Citizen. Should an emergency ever present itself, it would be extremely important for you to have your passport as proof of identity while traveling in another country. Also, all US Citizens traveling abroad must have a valid US Passport to facilitate re-entry into the United States. This will allow you to save an enormous amount of time, otherwise, without a passport you will have to produce other forms of identification to prove that you are a US citizen.

The Rule:
All American citizens traveling anywhere outside of the United States must possess a valid US Passport. The passport is required for both departure from and re-entry to the United States. When considering the importance of the US Passport and the years that it remains valid, obtaining a US Passport would be a pretty good idea.

The Lines:
When applying for your US Passport you should consider the following. The volume for processing passport applications in person at passport agencies across the country, tend to be heaviest starting around the month of January and not slowing down until the end of August.  As a result, this increase in volume creates an atmosphere of longer lines and waiting times for applications to be processed. Avoid the crowds and long lines.  Get your U.S. Certified Passport Online.

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